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This isn't my idea but I couldn't find who posted it long ago when I saw it. Well, I did it and it's worked well. I found myself going out for a drink or bite to eat when I didn't really have a great reason to. Instead, I took that money I would have spent and payed down a loan with a quick click. (Not always) It feels great. About as great as I felt getting that drink on the way home after work. I did try Robinhood too but that felt very different to me and wasn't as rewarding. Edit: The app I use is my lenders, Great Lakes. People here are saying use ChangEd as well which works like Acorn. Edit: Yes, I know playing the market may yield more than paying down my lower interest loans but that's not the point. It is to chip away at a daunting 10+ year loan. It is also NO risk.