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Long story short, the CEO of the startup I quit (because... drama) and his ex-wife are going through a divorce. For whatever reason, the ex-wife contacted me some time ago, maybe to make peace with all the shit that went down or to see if I would help her... I told her I wanted to stay out of anything until their divorce was settled, etc and the fate of the company was too.

Anyway, I recently asked what was the status of things (it's just like watching a car crash!) and was told that the CEO's lawyers have accused me, in a letter, of helping her to read his emails - i.e. I was hacking his email account.

Needless to say, I have flipped out. If this letter exists, and she isn't exaggerating, I have been accused of a federal crime and federal prosecutors are _all over_ stuff like this.

The chances of this getting to that stage are remote, sure, but it is the principle, and I don't need any more drama in my life, especially given I had a nervous breakdown over the drama related to the startup.

Any advice? "Stay out of it" sure, but ... when it comes to being accused of a federal crime that prosecutors love to prosecute, being proactive in some sense seems like a good idea.