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I have two federal loans conjoined as one: * $17,919 ($148/mo) @ 5.875% * $7,397.84 ($61/mo) @ 5.875% Outside of these two I have two more private loans totaling at **$60K @ 8.75%**. I am at a point where can eliminate 1 of the the private loans, which would give me back **$475/mo** and **$9K in interest**. I'd also like to eliminate the $7K federal but not sure if it would be worth it. Eliminating it would only gain me back **$61** a month and **$3,890** in interest over the course of 15 and a half years. My main goal is to increase my debt to income ratio and get as many loans of these off the books. Is throwing this much money at the $7K federal worth it if I can't afford eliminating the $17K atm?