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Location: Washington State As the title says, someone is paying my loans. And that isn’t me or a family member (to my knowledge). I recognize this is an odd thing to complain about but hear me out. Back in August I went to pay my Federal Student loans and my account said nothing was due. Hooray! But wait, why? I give FedLoan a call, while on hold I look at my payment history and there are two $500 payments that I didn’t make. I explain to the representative that those payments weren’t from me. She puts me on hold, comes back and says they can see the checks were applied to the wrong account. They said they’ll fix it. Great! Six weeks go by, and two more payments are made. So I call FedLoan again. The first lady literally laughs at me for complaining about this. But I have two concerns, taxes and interest. Last year I itemized my taxes and claimed the student loan tax deduction. I don’t think it’s kosher to do so this year if some of the interest payments weren’t made by me. Next, how will they fix and recalculate interest with payments from me and removing these erroneous payments. I am transferred to another department, explain the situation again, and she says she will ask the finance team to review. And note in my account that I’m trying to get this fixed. Six weeks go by and two more payments. It’s up to $3000 now!! So I call again. Explain the situation again. This time they say my account is in review and the payments are coming electronically, like online bill pay. But nothing has changed and it’s been a few weeks since the last call. The payments usually hit my account around the first of the month. So there may be another one on my account on Monday. I don’t believe FedLoan is taking this situation seriously. I do not want to end up in a financial mess. I would like to nudge them towards taking action. My thought is a cease and desist letter to demand the payments stop being applied to my account. I don’t know if that is even logical? What kind of attorney should I talk to? I was thinking about a tax attorney since my concerns include impact on my taxes. I want some help to get this resolved and someone suggested getting an attorney, but what kind? I know a C&D letter will cost me, but I’m willing to pay it to prevent any future trouble. Any other advice on how to stop these payments is appreciated. I’m not looking to benefit from someone’s mistake.