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I thought it would be good to build a simple and useful site that can help startups and growing businesses find the right resources to fund their growth. Hopefully the site will become one of the first sites you look at when you are trying to find startup or business expansion funding, but I'm looking to add new resources, and therefore I thought r/EntrepreneurRideAlong might be the ideal place to ask 🙂 [FinanceLinx.com](https://financelinx.com/) is a curated directory of resources to help you find grants and government loans for your startup. It includes an overview of more than 400 programs, divided among 32 countries. This allows you to raise capital without having to give away equity, or expand an existing business with low or no interest government backed loans. This project is 100% community supported, to preserve impartiality, and save you a ton of time by not having to find all of these resources on your own. It would be great to hear your thoughts! 🎉