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Hi HN, I just wanted to share an amazing story with you. A year ago we had an applicant applying for a scholarship (we enable people to learn how to code and find a job).

He was a refugee from Afghanistan getting away from all the crazy shit that is going on there. When entering Germany he was deprived of everything familiar to him: language, education, friends and family. In Afghanistan, he worked as a cook. He had no prior technical education.

The one thing he had was his willingness and commitment. He wanted to learn, progress and start a new life.

He heard about us and applied to learn how to code. It was tough for him at the beginning, since his English was not so good he basically had to learn coding and English at the same time.

Today I heard that he has been hired by a Swiss Startup to work as an Android Developer. You can imagine how good he must be if a Swiss Startup hires a former refugee currently living in Germany. I couldn't be prouder of the student and wanted to share his story with you.