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This is for people that live/work in San Francisco.

There are currently ~7.5k homeless in SF and the number is growing each year. I'm curious if it's possible to build a startup that tries to eradicate this problem in the most efficient way possible that is not non-profit. Or does something like this already exist?

I know that the city is spending $241m/year to try to tackle the problem. However, as I understand it most of the funds go toward providing housing for the homeless. This might seem counter-intuitive, but I don't think providing housing today is the best long-term solution. I think the best solution would be to do everything we can to enable the homeless to start generating money for themselves again. The fundamental problem arises because the healthcare and social welfare system are so bad in the US on a federal level (and not primarily because of the increasing housing prices in SF, like many think it is). But I think we can build a for-profit, hyperlocal system that helps a city's population.

I also don't think that non-profits are the solution. With non-profits, often there is no pressure to make the best possible product because income is only loosely coupled with how good the product is.

Unlike other social causes, this is something that touches SF residents every day and makes their lives worse. This may sound harsh, but it's the reality. And therefore I think people would pay even they have zero altruistic tendencies.

How would I solve this issue and is it possible to get enough subscribers to tackle this issue quickly? Who knows.

I think it must be possible to provide an "anti-homelessness subscription" to the SF population. Half the price of Netflix and it helps to eradicate homelessness. I know that I would pay $10/month in a heartbeat if it would help solve this issue. What about you? Would you pay or do you have ideas how this could be approached?