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It's small and petty but John being to Rachel all 'you need to know that if I get a job they'll take money for student loans' comment irked me I don't know how it works in America but in the UK the student loans company takes a small percentage of your earnings a month to contribute back to your student loan. Because he probably graduated before 2012, if John earned £18,000 a year (the low pay threshold), he would be paying back around £42 a month (£504 a year). Thats like a tenner a week and he probably wastes more than that down the pub bevving and getting into bar fights. No offence to him but given that he still lives with his mum I doubt he'd be in the higher pay threshold (if he earned around £27,000 a year he'd pay back £780 a year). He does not owe £30,000 for life - the loan is written off if you haven't paid in full within 30 years of graduating Also most UK jobs get at least 21 days holiday a year- where have they gone man book a few off for your own wedding TL;DR: john needs to stop being a little bitch and using the loss of £10 a week as an excuse to be unemployed. put on your wedding ring and stop embarrassing the Brits you gnome