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If the Govt is worried that people might just use it as a hobby, then they can mandate the following. ​ If the person does not get a commercial flying job within 3 years (and then maintain it for another 2) - (pick the number of your choice), then they will have to pay back all the money at much higher interest rates that would be effective the date they got the loan. Also students who have applied for flying jobs for a period of a year or so and still haven't found one would also qualify for the student rates. That way students who end up in a flying career get the grants that students in all other departments get. While those who don't play the higher interest. ​ Now you can tweak all the above and change the rates, years, etc.. and get it to a place where the numbers are acceptable to the majority. So don't get hung up on the numbers. Plenty of accountants, loan companies, aviation schools etc can meet together and hash that one out. The essential point of the above post being - federal student loans for flight training should be workable.